pexels dino uniyal 5949153 What do dim sims and dogs have in common?

What do dim sims and dogs have in common?

And it’s not what you might think.

When it comes to training your furry friend to use a pet door – dims sims may be your preferred choice of treat. 

At least dim sims worked a treat for Courtney and her cavoodles in Eltham. 

Using treats is a great way to train your dog but smelly treats are even better. The key is to find the treat they love the most and usually strong smelling morsels work best.

Here’s our stress free tips to get your pet using your pet door in next to no time


Pet Doors for Cavoodles

1. Hold the pet flap open. You can tape the door up until your pet gets used to going in and out or you can just hold it open whilst you entice them through. Sometimes they don’t like the feel on their nose to push the door.

2. Find your pet’s favourite treat. Dim sims, doggy bites, fresh meat – what ever it might be.  Using treats as a reward for using the pet door is a sure way to get your pet motivated.

3. Get a training partner. Training works best when you’ve got a person on each side of the door – One to hold your pet and the other to hold the reward. If you don’t have a training partner try throwing the treat through the open door. 

4. Persist but keep training times to a max 10mins so they don’t get frustrated. Remember it only takes them going through a few times to get used to their new pet door so don’t be in a rush. Stress free training is good for you and them. 

5. If you need some extra help try this link. 

Good luck with your pet door training and enjoy the new freedoms a pet door provides for you and your furry friends.

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