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Are you thinking about updating your bathroom—or building a new one?—you have a lot of decisions to make. And choosing the right shower screen is one of the most important ones. There are many options to choose from – everything from framed, semi-framed to frameless. So, that’s why we’ve created this practical guide on choosing the right shower screen. We’ve covered the pros and cons of each option and some important pro tips to help you make the best call.

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A Practical Guide on How to Choose the Right Shower Screen

Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the home, so maximising space is key. Choosing a single fixed glass shower screen over a corner screen can change the feel of your bathroom.

An important pro tip here is to think about how you want to use your space, things like what are morning routines like? How many people use the bathroom? Do you need more shelving space?

Remember you want to create a bathroom that works with you and your household. For smaller bathrooms, we recommend Frameless options. They are great as they help create an open inviting-feeling. Semi-framed options are another excellent choice. They provide the best of both worlds without the cost.

So, here are our top recommendations when choosing the right shower screen:

The Design, Style, and Configuration

Let’s consider your future shower screen type. There are hundreds of different styles and they’re not universal. You have everything from shower screens over your bath to a screen you install in your shower recess.

The Bathroom Design

When choosing your shower type, you have the rest of your bathroom to consider. The best shower screen configuration is one that works with your bathroom layout.

A well-planned bathroom will consider wet and dry zones, storage, functionality and lighting. Think about how you enter and exit your shower in relation to basins and the toilet, for example. Is there enough space to move in and out? If you change the door orientation will you have more room?

The Configuration

Here are some shower screen configuration (or enclosure style) options to consider:

Wall to Wall—front only

This style is best suited for your shower recess that has tiled walls on three sides and with front access. Depending on your opening size, it will have one or two side panels and an opening door.
Wall to Wall

Fixed panel

If you are after a spaces saver option, this is your best bet. A fixed panel shower screen has one solid glass piece.  You can enter your shower by walking around it. It acts as a simple water barrier to the rest of the bathroom. 

Fixed Panel Shower

Corner Shower

The classic and most popular shower screen. This one is the all-rounder… (also known as the front and return). The corner shower screen has a front section with an opening door and a return panel. The corner shower is flexible.  You can even customise the return panel to fit over the end of your bath hob.

Corner Shower

Over bath—fixed or fix and swing

A glass shower screen over your bath is a clean and functional alternative to a shower curtain. You can choose from a shorter fixed glass panel or a fixed panel with a moveable second panel. This is handy if you want to turn your taps on before jumping into the shower.

The shower screen configuration you choose will depend on your bathroom layout.

Ok, so you’ve selected your configuration type. It’s time to choose your shower screen style. With the practical decisions out of the way, you can now consider your design style and budget.

Over Bath - Fixed and Swing

Screen Types

Now let’s take a closer look at different shower screen styles.

Fully Frameless

Unlike Fully-Framed or Semi-Frameless designs where the glass is usually 6mm Grade Safety Glass. Frameless shower screens offer custom-designed 10mm Grade A Toughened Safety Glass.  Frameless screens come with a choice of channel or patch fittings.

You can choose from polished or satin chrome or matte black finishes. If you are after an ultra-clean and modern look, this option is for you.  This design style will open up your space, increasing light and visibility. Frameless shower screens are one of the most popular options. The minimalist and frameless style – brings subtle design features to life. From designer tiles, stonework to tapware.

shower screen frameless
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Semi Frameless

If you’re after the feel of a frameless option and want to preserve the budget. Well, Semi-frameless shower screens are your best bet. We use 6mm Grade A Toughened Safety Glass combined with heavy-duty aluminium. Semi-frameless shower screens have the top and bottom of the screen framed.  The glass pivot door  is frameless. This semi-frameless option comes in both polished silver and black finish.

Fully Framed

Fully-framed shower screens are glass panels surrounded by heavy-duty aluminium framing.

Toughened or laminated Grade A safety glass is used in these screens. They tend to be budget-friendly with plenty of modern and chic design options to choose from. In most cases, you can choose a frame colour to match the rest of the decor. Adding smaller eye-catching accents that compliment your bathroom design.

shower screen fully-frame

The Hardware

Your shower screen hardware can be chic and unique as the actual shower screen. Think about choosing the right equipment to match your other bathroom fixtures. You can customise most shower screens with different colours, finishes, handles, and hardware.

Hardware Finish Options Shower Screens

The Costs

Let’s think about the wallet here. Shower screen costs depend on configuration, design and style. Another issue often forgotten is the cost of installation.

There are some budget prefab options from the hardware store, but we don’t recommend installing yourself. Yes, they are cheap, but we see so many people struggle with the installation. Issues with wrong sizing, leaks and safety can turn your weekend DIY project into a nightmare.

The best option is to have it measured and installed by a professional glazier. Only qualified glaziers will understand and adhere to Australian standards. – AS1288 and AS2208 Australian Building Standards for glass installation.

A professional glazier will first take accurate measurements of your space. They will then arrange an installation date approx 7-14 days later. As pros, they’ll account for uneven walls, plumbing, and the correct fittings. They will even consider the positioning of your wall studs. Things that most pre-fab screens don’t consider or account for. 

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Shower screens can make or break your bathroom design. The wrong configuration type can turn your bathroom is a mini torture chamber. Or into a sanctuary. So, if you’re still having trouble choosing the perfect shower screen, get in touch. We’ve got a handy quoting tool. It guides you through the process of choosing a shower screen in less than three minutes. Or check out our blog for more info.

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