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Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Door Installations

We install pet doors into glass windows and doors.


How much does it cost to install a pet door into glass?

Your price depends on where you would like to install your pet door. This is because it is not possible to cut a hole into your existing glass. Variables impacting price include 1- size of glass and 2- whether your glass is single or double glazed.

Why can’t the installer just cut a hole into my existing glass?

The only glass that is suitable for pet door installation is Grade A Toughened Safety Glass. If you already have toughened glass it is unable to be cut or processed, as it will shatter like a windscreen. Therefore we always change your existing glass to a new panel of Grade A Toughened Safety glass especially customized for you. 

Will the installer remove and dispose of the old glass?

Yes – Your installer will remove and dispose of your old glass.

Is the installation covered by a warranty?

The workmanship of the installation has a one year warranty from date of installation.

Can I get my pet door installed into my double glazed units?

Yes – but it depends on the pet door. Not all pet doors are suitable for installation into double glazing. Please check the packaging on your preferred pet door.

How long will it take for my installation to take place?

An instant booking can be made online for your initial measure. Installation occurs approx 7-14 days from initial site measure for single glazing, and 15+ days for double glazing.

Is there a measure and quote option available?

Yes – we can provide a free instant online quote upfront. 

Your quote is based on the information you provide. Your first onsite measure will confirm your price. Although we do our best to minimize changes to price, variations may occur.

How do I make payment?

A $100 deposit is required for your first site measure. Your final price will be confirmed at your first appointment. The balance of payment is then due at the time of installation.

Who will install my pet door?

A qualified and experienced glazier.

How do I return a product that is currently installed?

Exchanges on faulty goods are only available on goods prior to installation.

How do I choose the right location for your pet door?

When choosing the right location for your pet door consider:

  • Access for your pet – ensure minimal changes in ground level to make it easier for your pet. Remove barriers near pet door location. Consider access to a safe enclosed space outside.
  • Your Budget  – will also influence your placement decision. Remember the smaller the glass panel that needs to be replaced the lower your costs.
  • Your Safety – pet doors cannot be installed into pool enclosure areas.

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