Dog waiting alone at home

How long does it take to install my pet door?


I want my pet door installed ASAP.


Our pet doors are installed only into Grade A Toughened Safety Glass because it is the only type of glass suitable for the task. From the time we measure to the time we install will take approx 7 working days. Here’s the process.

  1. Get your online quote at https://app.glassontime.com/ui/#/jobs/details/petdoors. Just follow the prompts and add in some estimated sizes to receive your price.
  2. Once you’ve made a booking. We will send a glazier out to measure the exact size of the glass and discuss positioning of the pet door with you.
  3. We’ll then be back approx 7 working days later to install your new glass complete with hole and pet door.

YES – we take away the old glass and clean up afterwards. No mess. No fuss.