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What is the process for ordering a pet door?


Can I order my pet door online? I don’t know the exact size of the glass.


Yes you can order your pet door online. There are three things to know about your pet door installation.

  1. You need to first choose your pet door size – small – med – large.
  2. You need an approximate size of the glass you would like to put the pet door into. (just measure what you can see)
  3. Your first booking time will be for your glazier to come onsite to accurately measure the glass. He will then be back approximately 7 working days later to install the new glass and pet door.

(NOTE: For pet doors installed in double glazed windows please call 1300 940 801)

No need to be accurate with your glass sizes. Your glazier will accurately measure the glass on his first booking. However if there is a significant discrepancy between your sizes and the actual sizes your price may vary.