Sliding glass door detail and rail

Can I put a pet door in my sliding door?


I want to be able to put my pet door into the sliding door – will it fit.


Our slim line pet doors are designed for installation into glass windows and doors. This includes glass sliding doors and the fixed panel next to sliding doors, hinged doors, laundry doors. and low lying windows. The slim design means that fly screens and sliding doors can easily slide over the top without interference.

So the convenience of your new pet door doesn’t impact your home’s look and feel. When choosing the location of your pet door here are some things to consider:

  1. Easy access for your pet to the outdoors, food & toileting – including any changes in ground level to the outside.
  2. If you have a fly screen you may wish to put the pet door next to the door instead.
  3. The size of the glass panel (the smaller the panel the smaller the cost) So if your first choice was the full panel door you may wish to consider a smaller panel near the door as another option.

We install pet doors into insulated glazing units (otherwise known as double glazed units) too.