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Can I have a pet door installed into a double glazed window?


My window / door is double glazed and I’ve been told that I can’t have a pet door installed.


Yes. We install pet doors into double glazed units. A double glazed unit is made up of two panes of glass separated by a gas filled space to reduce heat transfer. They are commonly used to improve energy efficiency in houses. So although they are great for this purpose it does increase your cost if you are wanting to install a pet door into it.

It can be done but it does add an additional cost as we will need to replace the whole unit.

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Here are some things to consider when installing a pet door into a double glazed unit.

  1. The additional cost will depend on the make up of the existing double glazed unit. Some double glazed units have additional coatings on the glass or specialized glass to provide ultimate insulation properties. This is something that can be confirmed with your glazier onsite.
  2. Does the replacement unit need to match any other windows or doors?
  3. Not all pet doors are suitable for installation into double glazed units.
  4. Our online platform can calculate a price for installation of pet doors into double glazed units – allow approx 70-80% more than single glazed pricing. Call 1300 940 801 for more information of CLICK HERE to access our online calculator

If you’re unsure about whether your window or door is double glazed take a look at the corner of your window does it look like this? Notice the black spacer in the middle – sometimes the spacer can be white or bronze or another colour.

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For installation of a pet door into an insulated glazing unit please call 1300 940 801 or go to our online calculator to get an instant price