IMG 6132 How long will it take to replace my glass?

How long will it take to replace my glass?


I don’t want to wait all day to get my glass fixed


At Glass Ontime we value your time. That’s why we schedule all bookings into 2 hour time slots so you’re not waiting all day. If you book between 8-10am you can expect your glazier to turn up between 8-10am. Most glass replacement will between 1- 1.5 hours to complete.

Factors that will impact how long our glaziers will take onsite include:

  1. Access to the broken glass: Is it upstairs, behind a bush, will a ladder be required?
  2. Size of the glass: small colonial panels will take less time than a full sized door panel for example.
  3. Safety type: If laminated glass is required it can take longer to cut and process than ordinary annealed glass.

NOTE: Where glass to be replaced is toughened – allow 7 working days from the time we measure to the time we install.