Achieving the impossible has earned Glass Ontime a place in the prestigious Telstra Business Awards 1 Achieving the 'Impossible': Telstra Business Awards.

Achieving the ‘Impossible’: Telstra Business Awards.

Pictured: Colm Clinton, Sally Clinton, Sekhar Vanka
Some say it’s impossible to get tradies to turn up on time.

“When we first launched ​Glass Ontime​ in 2018, my mother in-law laughed so hard she nearly fell off her chair. Since we were always late to family functions she didn’t think it was possible for me to be on time. Well not anymore.” co-founder Colm Clinton

“This impossible idea of having tradies turn up on time is the reason why we exist.”

Colm and his wife Sally, were inspired to start this business after waiting for someone else to come up with a solution to this age old problem. But nobody ever did. So we took imperfect action. We trialled in Melbourne last year and now have a network of 20 plus glaziers here in Melbourne with a view to a national roll out.

“We wanted to use technology in such a way that would provide a win-win solution for both customers and tradies.”

Glass Ontime is a world first trade services platform specifically designed for busy people looking for glass.

Customers can book their tradie much like they book an uber. And tradies are provided with everything they need to turn up on time everytime.

“We also wanted to create a community of the best qualified tradies who are great at what they do and support them through technology to get them where they need to be, when they need to be there. It’s about matching the skill sets of our tradies with the needs of customers.”

There have been many times when we wanted to give up but we knew we had the right solution to bring about a culture of change in our industry and we had a great desire to prove those who said “it can’t be done” – wrong.

Here’s how it works…

Customers go to ​glassontime.com​. They follow the prompts to get an upfront price upfront, choose a time and make a booking all online in under 3 minutes.

Glass Ontime then matches them with a tradie from the largest network of fully qualified and fully insured independent glaziers here in Melbourne.

You can check us out at https://glassontime.com

About Colm Clinton

Colm Clinton is one of Australia’s first ever Master Glaziers with over 30 years industry experience there’s not much he doesn’t know about glass, from the Australian Standards for glass safety AS1288, the need for Industry Compliance especially with the rise in DIYers and Backyarders, The Dangers of Glass Cladding in High Rise, Exploding Balustrades, Glass & Hail Damage, the beauty of renovating in glass. (just to name a few)

Colm has been an assessor for the Master Glazier accreditation program, an advisor to the glass and glazing industry body, general manager of one of Victoria’s largest glass companies, business owner and industry consultant.

“For me Glass Ontime isn’t just about glass. It’s about providing solutions for customers and tradies in such a way that both sides win. Culturally we are programmed that for someone to win then someone else must lose. And that’s a cultural shift we are working to change.”

As finalists in the 2019 Telstra Business Awards from a record 21,000 entries, Glass Ontime is placed in the top 0.8% nationally.