room with big window PB3XJJC How much will it cost to replace my broken window?

How much will it cost to replace my broken window?

The all important question – How much does it cost to get a professional glazier to fix a broken window. 

The answer is not so cut and dry because the price of glass replacement depends on a number of factors. These include the minimum safety requirements for glass installation for a given application, the amount of time and labour required to complete the job, the time you need the work completed, whether it’s double glazed and what glass style you want.

Broken Window

So let’s break it down..

Minimum Safety Requirements

The AS1288 is the Australian Standard which dictates the minimum glass safety standards for glass installation. To find out more about different types of Safety Glass – check out ‘What’s the difference between toughened and laminated glass?

Some of the factors that influence the Australian Standards include: 

Building Type – There are different rules for residential, commercial, schools and aged care facilities.

Room Type – Windows in bathrooms are at a higher risk of breakage and therefore most glass in a bathroom is required to be safety glass.

Glass Location & Position – A glass panel in a door will almost always need to be safety glass but glass in a window does not necessarily need to be safety glass. It depends on whether it is a low lying panel or above waist height.

Glass Size – The bigger the panel the thicker the glass needs to be. Starting from a minimum of 4mm all the way up to 10mm+. 

The amount of time and labour required

Glass Weight – Glass is not only a flexible, breakable product it can also be very heavy. One panel of glass could weigh anywhere between 5kg to 500kg+. So depending on the weight of the glass will impact the amount of people required to handle it and whether you need machinery to lift it. 

Frame Type – Window frames can be timber, steel or aluminium, and each frame type offers it’s own challenges for glaziers to remove the old glass before installing the new panel. Some timber frames are old and damaged by rot making them difficult or impossible to fix. Steel frames likewise can have hardened putty which is difficult to remove and can also be affected by rust. This all means more time spent to replace the broken window.

Access to Site – Most glass panels are glazed from the outside, so if access from the outside is not possible without access equipment such as a ladder or a scissor lift then you can expect to pay extra. 

The time you want the work completed 

There are going to be times when you need a window fixed urgently, especially if represents a health safety risk to you and your family, or leaves your premises exposed. So if it’s urgent and you need it fixed in an emergency then you can expect to pay a premium. 

In some instances when you have a broken window the work may not be able to be completed straight away and you’ll need an emergency make safe option to cover the opening until the glass can be installed. For example if the glass is not available or needs to be processed before installation or if the breakage occurs at night. This of course will be an additional price. In the event of a break in, or storm damage this can often be claimed through your insurance policy.

Is the window Double Glazed?

Double glazing is almost standard in all new homes in Victoria as we strive for more energy efficient homes. Which is great for your home energy rating and sound proofing, however you can expect to pay more than double when there is a breakage. You also need to allow for a time delay between breakage and installation as a whole new double glazed unit will need to be manufactured and this can take a few days. 

What about Glass Style?

When you look around at modern buildings one thing is obvious – windows are getting bigger. So where homes built in the 1980s had small windows, those built now are on average 2 – 3 times larger. And it’s not just clear glass – there are specialised products that are energy efficient and/or patterned. So when your broken window is something other than clear glass it’s going to impact on your price.

You also need to consider that Glass styles have changed over the years and matching your glass style when you have a broken window maybe difficult because it may no longer be manufactured.

Here’s a couple of real world examples of how much it would cost to replace your broken window…

Glass replacement in a standard double hung window in a timber frame in your home would cost around $220 – $260.

Glass replacement in a standard door with a fully framed glass panel in your home would cost around $450 – $600.

But remember, not all glass is created equal and the factors listed above will impact on price. 

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