Glass Splashback

What is a glass splashback?

A glass splashback can be used in your kitchen or bathroom in place of tiles. Often referred to as a back splash, glass splashbacks offer more than just protection to wall surfaces, they can also be a great show piece adding a splash (pardun the pun) of colour.

A glass splashback is the combination of glass and paint. The paint is applied to the back of the glass. That’s why it’s important to choose low iron glass so that your chosen colour is not distorted by the green tinge of ordinary annealed glass.

Glass splashbacks are made from glass but not just ordinary glass. It’s important to recognise that all glass is not created equal. When it comes to glass splashbacks there are two qualities that are really important.

First: Grade A Toughened Safety glass is up to 4 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass (of the same thickness). This means that it can withstand heat from behind a cooktop and won’t crack around pressure points such as around powerpoints.

Second: Low Iron glass is like super clear glass. It differs from ordinary annealed glass which has a green tinge to it. Low Iron is really important because it’s the only type of glass that allows you to get the true colour of your choice.

What colours are available?

Glass splashbacks are available in just about any colour you can think of. You can choose any colour you like from the Dulux Colour Range. There are also metallic options available.

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What are the steps involved in creating a glass splashback?

There are a number of steps involved in the creation of a glass splashback. When renovating you should involve your glazier once you have your benchtops in and your rangehood installed. This is because your glazier needs to perform accurate measurements and this can’t be done until your kitchen is ready to be measured.

Step 1: Get your up font price online

The first step is to get your upfront price and make a booking online. You can measure the area you where you wish to have your splashback and can even upload your plans. Just use our online quote tool and follow the prompts to receive your price. Remember your measurements don’t have to be accurate to the centimeter. But do use a tape measure. Remember to include the number of powerpoints you need. Then you can book a day and time for a site measure.

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Step 2: Measure and assessment

Next you can book a day and time for a site measure and onsite assessment. During this visit your glazier will take accurate measurements and confirm your colour choice. Allow between 1-2 hours for this appointment. Remember to book this appointment should be booked only once your benchtops and range hood are installed so that accurate measurements can be taken.

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Step 3: Cutting and processing

It takes approximately 2 weeks (or 10 working days) from the time of the site measure to installation of the splashback. This includes the cutting and toughening process of the glass and then the application of your chosen paint colour to the back of the glass.

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Step 4: Installation

The installation of your completed glass splashback may involve more than one glazier depending on the size of the glass. Once again allow approx one to two hours for this appointment. You will need your electrician to install your power points once your glazier has finished.

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And that’s it. To get started get your upfront online quote here. It takes just 3 minutes and you can choose to save your quote for later or book a time to get your get your glazier out for a site measure and assessment.