room with big window PB3XJJC Why can't you just install the same glass that is already there?

Why can’t you just install the same glass that is already there?


The glass that is in my window is not safety glass


The regulations for glass installation have changed significantly over the years. So a home built in the 1990s may have sub standard glass. In some cases the glass is not much thicker than picture frame glass.

At Glass Ontime we only glaze to a minimum standard of AS1288: 2006 which means that if the current glass is 3mm but the new standard dictates that we should install safety glass then that’s what we will replace your glass with.

We won’t risk the safety of you and your family with anything less.

When you get your online quote our clever online glass selector wizard calculates exactly the right glass for your given application.

This includes:

  1. Glass thickness – we install a minimum of 4 or 5mm glass. Anything less is just not suitable.
  2. Glass safety type – will ordinary annealed or float glass be OK or is safety glass required.
  3. How many glaziers will be required to safely complete the job

Don’t risk your family’s safety by installing substandard glass.