Accreditation – It’s here to stay and it’s soon going to be compulsory.

In February 2016 the AGGA launched nationally the Accredited Company Program. Which I believe this is the first step in our industry towards self-regulation and will inevitably lead to the regulation of our industry.

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong – It is one small step for glaziers and one giant leap for our industry. And if you’re not on board you may just get left behind.

Like it or not Accreditation is here and industry licensing is on it’s way! In fact licensing is already in Queensland and New South Wales, where it’s compulsory to have a limited builder’s licence to carry out even minor glazing works. And in Victoria, Glass has been added to the Construction Act, which means that any work over $5000 will be subject to similar controls as licensed trades.

So very soon customers, builders and surveyors alike are going to be asking for your licence details before starting jobs.

But this is not a bad thing. It is great news for all the independent glaziers who are great at their trade but struggle to stand out from the crowd.

Accreditation will be a very powerful tool in gaining customer trust.

Why is this good news you may ask?

Simply because it is the only industry approved recognition that the work has been completed to the appropriate standard. It is my belief it will be the only certificate acceptable to surveyors and other compliance regulators who already carry out spot audits on the regulated electricians and plumbers.

It carries with it assurance for the customer and surveyor that the tradesman is suitably qualified, is a professional, has all their insurances in place and is finishing work to the highest possible standards. It is automatic for customers that they would only ever have a licenced electrician or plumber complete works in their home, so it is logical to expect that a glazier who is charged with great responsibility in ensuring a safe environment would be subject to the same checks and balances of the licensed trades.

And there it is, why you need to get accredited in 2018.

The only question is, are you going to get on the front foot in this revolution or are you going to sit back and wait till you’re challenged on site?

So what is certification? To get started go to www.agga.org.au/accreditation.