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Pet Doors

At Glass Ontime, we are the specialist installers of cat and dog doors into glass. With qualified, pet-loving tradies all over Melbourne, you can get an instant price online.

Just choose your pet door type and follow the prompts. Easy! We’ll even send a copy of your quote straight to your inbox.

We have pet doors for cats as well as small, medium and large & extra large dogs.




Pet Doors
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Small (Cat) Door Medium (Dog ) DoorLarge (Dog) Door
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Flap Opening Size
Height: 170mm (17cm)
Width: 180mm (18cm)
Flap Opening Size
Height: 250mm (25cm)
Width: 285mm (28.5cm)
Flap Opening Size
Height: 450mm (45cm)
Width: 290mm (29cm)
Suitable for: Cats & Dogs up to 5kg
Cats, Shih Zhus, Chihuahuas,
Pomeranians, Mini Daschounds
Suitable for: Dogs up to 15kg
BeaglesToy, Poodles, Cavoodles,
Terriers, Some Staffies, Basset
Hounds, Pugs, Jack Russells,
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Suitable for: Dogs up to 40kg
Labradores, Kelpies, Groodles,
Large Staffies, Whippets, German
Shepherds, Golden Retrievers,
Poodles, Border Collies, Blue Heelers
Minimum Glass Size
Height: 360mm (36cm)
Width: 360mm (36cm)
Minimum Glass Size
Height: 485mm (48.5cm)
Width: 485mm (48.5cm)
Minimum Glass Size
Height: 600mm (60cm)
Width: 500mm (50cm)

We've got you covered and we've made it quick and easy to order online.

Ordering your pet door or requesting an install is super easy. Don’t wait for tradies to call you back. Get an instant online quote and we’ll match you with a local qualified tradie. 

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After placing an order for a doggy door online, it was measured up less than 24hrs later and then ready to install within a week. Colm went above and beyond and was a pleasure to deal with. Not only did he install the doggy door but he also fixed my sliding door so it glides smoothly and actually closes properly!
The whole process was very professional and the price was right. The measuring and installation was also professional. The finished product was great and all excess material cleared away. Would not hesitate to recommend this company to everyone.
Having been given $750 from the Government l chose to install a doggy door. I was wrapped with the efficiency of the team and the installer, Craig, was a delightful young man, aware of social distancing, who sent texts about his likely time of arrival etc. The measure up was efficient, my requirements were noted and the installation date allowed for my hospital admission. I happily recommend this company.

We Install Pet Doors.

Safety Safety Safety!

We only install our specifically designed pet doors into Grade A Toughened Safety glass. So your price includes a check measure and consultation with your glazier onsite for perfect placement of your pet door. We’ll then be back about a week later to install your new Grade A Toughened Safety glass and choice of pet door.

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Glass Ontime gives customers the easiest way to order their tradesman online. And allowing tradesmen to get on with doing what they do best. Not chasing endless paperwork.